How to Choose the Best Water Filter for Your Home

Almost 50% of the human body is made up of water; it is essential for all bodily functions like regulating temperature, transport of nutrition and in waste disposal. Water forms a major percentage in blood. That being the case is not important that we all keep ourselves well hydrated?

Sadly, not everyone on this globe has access to clean drinking water. Today tap water world across is contaminated leading to a host of gut disorders. The need of the hour is water filters that are adept at filtering the harmful contaminants and providing you with safe drinking water.

That brings us to the question, do you know how to select a water filter that is suitable for your region and the water in your locality? Take heed of the following guidelines to get you started.

  1. Identify the type of water you have in your water. Does it contain lead or fluoride or does it smell weird and looks murky. Not all filters are built the same; each model is designed to treat a specific water problem.
  2. What is the size of your family and what are the various chores you will use filtered water besides drinking? This will help you determine the size of the filter.
  3. The filter must be easy to use. Some filters need complicated installation but are easy to use in the long run as all you need to do is to switch on and turn the tap. Then there are others which are way simpler with no complicated installation but will require you to manually fill them. The advantage with these filters is that they are portable; the only hitch is that if you forget to fill them then you won’t have any filtered water to use!
  4. Finally, the cost. There are filters available in all ranges and all of them are effective. Depending on your budget choose a system that is sustainable and easy to use.

The Best Tips For Healthier Grocery Shopping

You should not miss out any of the grocery items which supports good health system when you are making a shopping list.  Many have the habit of purchasing grocery items on the store at the beginning of the month or in between and there are few who purchase the grocery items in a bulk.

Though you may be alert in preparing a monthly grocery list to assure covering almost all the items for the family, you may miss out some items on rare occasions.  So it is better to follow the tips before preparing a list of healthier grocery items.

Check this out whether the list you prepared will be the best one after going through the following tips and suggestions in this article;

  • Make a list of items to be purchased so that you may not miss out anything which is more important either for you or for your family members.
  • Try to segregate the items separately either based on the quantity or based on its uses.
  • Make a plan which is essential for the daily menu which is highly nutritious as well as tasty.
  • Always choose the items which contain low-fat or low-calorie items which are healthier for you.
  • When you are going to purchase the meat, look for the freshness, cleanliness of handling it, cut them into slices if possible so that it is easy to carry on your way to home.
  • Remove unnecessary skin in the chicken as well as in the fishes you purchase and make the comfortable way of transporting it from the shop to the home.
  • In case you have planned the week for veggies and fruits delight, purchase the vegetables which are in the frozen state or buy them fresh from the market.
  • Also when you purchasing any spices or oil varieties check for the manufacturing date as well as the expiry date.
  • Non-perishable items like nuts, dried fruits etc. can be purchased in bulk and stored properly in the refrigerator which has a longer shelf life.

Top 3 Diet Programs To Lose Weight Fast

Every day a new diet program is being introduced in the diet industry. There is no guarantee if all of them are safe to follow. If you are aiming for weight loss, it is very essential that you choose a diet program that is safe as well as suits your lifestyle. Sign up for a diet program that is reliable and has a proven track record to further concentrate on your goal. Programs like Medifast, Nutrisyste, Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet have been helping millions of Americans in losing weight for more than a few decades.

Nutrisystem: The Company started its operations as a standard brick and mortar store and later expanded its wings to enter into online platform. The program is all about convenience of the dieters as they have to just sign up, choose a plan and the get the foods delivered home. The program is open to all types of dieters and does not require any doctor’s recommendation. Its latest launch “FreshStart” plan claims to offer up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month which is a great way to start your weight loss journey. The program offers separate diet plans for men, specialized diet plan for diabetics and vegetarian plan for vegetarians. The standard plans offer up to 2 lbs of weight loss per week if the guidelines of the plans are strictly adhered to. The blog has elaborate information about Nutrisystem.

Medifast: This is a clinically proven diet program which is approved by over 20000 doctors. Earlier, the plan was available only through selected doctors and now it is available to anyone who wants to lose weight. Medifast focuses in providing calorie controlled diet foods in the form of meal replacements and their menu also include solid foods. However, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before signing up for Medifast plan as it deals with low calorie diet foods mainly.

South Beach Diet: The program was developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston who is a cardiologist by profession. The doctor mainly developed this program for his patients in order to help them control their blood glucose levels and prevent heart ailments. The program is offered in three phases and the first phase majorly limits the carb intake. By the time the dieters reach the third phase they gain good knowledge about the right foods to eat for weight loss.…

Top Tips for Building a Work Wardrobe on a Budget

When you are going to work, paying attention to just your deadline will not make the cut. If you want to be successful and be regarded well, you need to dress the part too. Dressing in a hippie style or in your college fashion will not be well received at the workplace.

There are a few considerations when it comes to choosing your work wear. You can refer to Mau-fashion’s site for some ideas. Here are a few tips to help you build a great work wardrobe on a budget:

  1. Duplicates

Duplicates and replicas are a blessing in disguise for those who like to flaunt brands but can’t really afford it. When you go in for such replicas, you can own quite a few pieces instead of one original piece.

  1. Colors

Choose the colors wisely. Opt for sober and neutral shades as they will make you look professional and serious. Also, different lightings will not make the color pop out.

  1. Fit

Always ensure your clothes fit you perfectly. Ill-fitting clothes are a big NO to the workplace. If you want to look put together, ensure the fit is right.

  1. Budget

Keep your budget in mind. Browse through stores both online and retail to understand the market and know what the average price range is. Plan and buy items according to your budget. You can buy one piece at a time and build your wardrobe gradually.

  1. Bags

Ensure you have a well structured neutral colored bag. This can add character to your outfit and make you look professional in no time.

  1. Shoes

Opt for kitten heels if you want some height without the pain. these look formal and stylish.

  1. Accessories

Your accessories need to be subtle and simple. You can still wear diamonds but ensure it is not a diamond-encrusted necklace. Small and simple designs are perfect.

Fashion Shopping Hacks: 9 Simple Ways to Customize Your Clothing

We all love to the dress based on different variables including the latest trends, weather-friendly clothing, theme-based dressing, occasion-based attire, and so on. Our wardrobe is filled with at least one piece of clothing that satisfies all these different categories.

However, only a few among us have the desire to stock our wardrobe based on our individual preferences. The reason why many of us do not resort to this technique could be that we are doubtful or that we do not know the easy way around this.

Thus, here are nine simple ways by which you can create a customized wardrobe with the clothing that reflects your personality.

  1. Add embroidery to your clothing. All you need is a needle and different colored You can sew what you like onto your favorite T-shirt, jean, or jacket. Alternatively, you can make use of custom embroidered patches that are readily available at
  2. Moreover, you can add pockets to your dresses. Pockets not only serve as extra carry space but also increase the style quotient.
  3. Additionally, you can add readymade/handmade patches to your clothing of varying colors, shapes, and texture.
  4. Get your hands on bows and buttons. Bows and buttons are readily available in any thread shop and all you need to do is sew them to your clothes to make them appear more formal or stylish.
  5. There is more to zippers than you think. You can add these at the sides of your clothing, for example, on pants or at the back of your shirt as well to give it a more stylish appeal.
  6. Add colors and style by painting your clothing. Fabric painting is one of the best ways to create personalized clothing that not only looks awesome but also enhances your clothing’s appearance.
  7. You can also go retro or go old school by making use of monograms to your clothing. As long as you carry it off, no doubt it will be a hit.
  8. Further, you can completely transform your old and unused clothes by cutting off the edges, creating cut/slit patterns, sewing laces, adding a few frills, and so on. This way you can display your artistic side.
  9. Lastly, you can also opt for dyeing the clothes that you are totally bored with or even bleaching them out for a newer look.