We all love to the dress based on different variables including the latest trends, weather-friendly clothing, theme-based dressing, occasion-based attire, and so on. Our wardrobe is filled with at least one piece of clothing that satisfies all these different categories.

However, only a few among us have the desire to stock our wardrobe based on our individual preferences. The reason why many of us do not resort to this technique could be that we are doubtful or that we do not know the easy way around this.

Thus, here are nine simple ways by which you can create a customized wardrobe with the clothing that reflects your personality.

  1. Add embroidery to your clothing. All you need is a needle and different colored You can sew what you like onto your favorite T-shirt, jean, or jacket. Alternatively, you can make use of custom embroidered patches that are readily available at https://e-patches.ca/.
  2. Moreover, you can add pockets to your dresses. Pockets not only serve as extra carry space but also increase the style quotient.
  3. Additionally, you can add readymade/handmade patches to your clothing of varying colors, shapes, and texture.
  4. Get your hands on bows and buttons. Bows and buttons are readily available in any thread shop and all you need to do is sew them to your clothes to make them appear more formal or stylish.
  5. There is more to zippers than you think. You can add these at the sides of your clothing, for example, on pants or at the back of your shirt as well to give it a more stylish appeal.
  6. Add colors and style by painting your clothing. Fabric painting is one of the best ways to create personalized clothing that not only looks awesome but also enhances your clothing’s appearance.
  7. You can also go retro or go old school by making use of monograms to your clothing. As long as you carry it off, no doubt it will be a hit.
  8. Further, you can completely transform your old and unused clothes by cutting off the edges, creating cut/slit patterns, sewing laces, adding a few frills, and so on. This way you can display your artistic side.
  9. Lastly, you can also opt for dyeing the clothes that you are totally bored with or even bleaching them out for a newer look.