The Essential Rules for Choosing Fashion Accessories

Accessories are what brings the entire getup together. You can make a $50 dress look like a million bucks with the right shoes and scarves and jewelry. But there are so many choices, it can be easy to make a shopping faux pas. Remember these essential rules so you always look your best.

  1. Keep it simple: The first rule of dressing up. Remember the simple rules like pairing big and bright accessories with bland, simple clothes. If you are wearing a sequined shirt, do not drum up the vibe by hanging off bright jewelry or purses.
  2. Do not try matching handbag your shoes: The outdated idea of matching your shoes with handbags is nothing like matching belts and shoes – which is essential. If you are wearing shoes of bright colors, it would actually class up your entourage to keep the purse simple. Buy lots of cheap Gucci purses or replica so you don’t have to force this choice.
  3. Do not wear bright clothes and accessories: Make a choice, when working on your style, you have to set the right tone. Wearing a bright orange scarf with glossy purple top is just tacky. Make sure if your dress is eye catching, your accessories are nude or neutral colors, classing up the whole thing.
  4. Pay attention to your hands: If you like wearing bold rings, know that it draws a lot of attention to your hands. Which means you better have perfectly groomed and polished nails. Multi colored manicures look just tacky combined with rings.
  5. Wear the right earring: Earrings shape your face. So getting the color, material and style is important. If your cheeks are fuller, wear short, cute earrings, whereas longer ones look good on a chiseled jawline.

A Guide for moms to Plan Her Little Girls Party

While planning your little girls party you also have to consider possible toy for 5-year-old girls to spice the party up and STARWALKKIDS is a great place to start. Girls are lovely creatures with the natural instincts of great taste and appearance so it doesn’t matter how little they still are you just want to give them that befitting party that will make them proud amongst their friends and peers.

Below is a guide for you as a mom to create a memorable party for your little girl:

Think About the Venue: parents often like to convert their backyard or parking space to a party venue, yes, they are good for party venues but it also makes sense to do something out of the ordinary to make your little girl a princess amongst her peers. Look for unique places that are exotic, creative and charming enough to host a little girls party. This would make the memory last for a while.

Choose the right meal: children party do not usually permit them to sit for long because they all want to move about exploring all the fun you have provided for them. So in this case it is best you chose meals like sandwiches, smoked salmon and other finger foods that won’t stop them from roaming the party venue for fun.

Charming decoration: to make your little girl’s party the talk of her classmates you should prepare a very creative atmosphere for decoration. You can pick a theme of snow white falling décor or winter atmosphere. This will give the children a feeling of being in a real party and they will love it.

Your program: you are hosting kids not adults so you have to prepare lots of engaging program list for them that will involve even the most secluded kid present as this will allow them to bond properly.…

What Are Photo Prints And Why Should You Buy Them?

Photo prints are final images on papers that are used to view them. The printing is usually done with a paper that has been chemically sensitized. The first step to make a photo print is to expose the paper to a photographic negative, a slide or to a digital image by using either an enlarger or a unit meant for digital exposure. After the exposure, the processing of the paper is carried out that leads to the development of a permanent image.

Why should we buy photo prints?

While the digital world has definitely done wonders to our generation, there is one element that it has taken away from us and that is the permanence of our photographs. We might have a million photos on our smartphones and a lot of them might be on social media as well, garnering likes and comments but it can never be as close to the nostalgia of a photo print. There are also a few other reasons why you should buy photo prints instead of fully relying on digital photos. Listed below are some of them:

  • Photo prints will always be there for you even when none of your gadgets are working. Even if your current digital format goes out of style, a photo print will continue to add to the nostalgia.
  • You do not need a screen to enjoy and cherish photo prints. You and your family members can huddle up on the couch and cherish the memories without looking at a screen that needs two remotes and a hundred buttons to operate.
  • If you are a photographer, photo prints add value to your image. While several photographers would keep their photos saved on a drive, you can show how much you care for your special clicks by getting them printed.
  • Photo prints can serve as heirlooms that are handed down for generations and preserved to tell tales of the past.

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