The Essential Rules for Choosing Fashion Accessories

Accessories are what brings the entire getup together. You can make a $50 dress look like a million bucks with the right shoes and scarves and jewelry. But there are so many choices, it can be easy to make a shopping faux pas. Remember these essential rules so you always look your best.

  1. Keep it simple: The first rule of dressing up. Remember the simple rules like pairing big and bright accessories with bland, simple clothes. If you are wearing a sequined shirt, do not drum up the vibe by hanging off bright jewelry or purses.
  2. Do not try matching handbag your shoes: The outdated idea of matching your shoes with handbags is nothing like matching belts and shoes – which is essential. If you are wearing shoes of bright colors, it would actually class up your entourage to keep the purse simple. Buy lots of cheap Gucci purses or replica so you don’t have to force this choice.
  3. Do not wear bright clothes and accessories: Make a choice, when working on your style, you have to set the right tone. Wearing a bright orange scarf with glossy purple top is just tacky. Make sure if your dress is eye catching, your accessories are nude or neutral colors, classing up the whole thing.
  4. Pay attention to your hands: If you like wearing bold rings, know that it draws a lot of attention to your hands. Which means you better have perfectly groomed and polished nails. Multi colored manicures look just tacky combined with rings.
  5. Wear the right earring: Earrings shape your face. So getting the color, material and style is important. If your cheeks are fuller, wear short, cute earrings, whereas longer ones look good on a chiseled jawline.