Shopping Secrets: 10 Tricks Shops Don’t Want You to Know

Next time you go shopping for loveplugs know these shopping secrets that the shops will never let you know.

  • Before you go to a shop look for coupon codes online that are applicable in the shop. This will let you get additional discounts on your purchase even when you shop personally at the store

  • If you are shopping for your wedding or taking a beauty treatment for a wedding, the shops tend to hike up the prices. Just go in and talk casually and ask about the services and rates.
  • Are you scared about shopping when you are traveling? You fear that the baggage weight will increase causing you to pay the airlines extra. Ask the store to shop the goods to you for free. Most shops will do that if you age purchased a good deal of stuff from them

  • Try to use your student Id, office id at shops. In most cases this lets you grab some great discounts. Most of the shops and restaurants will not let you know about it upfront.

  • There are free item days in most of the stores. Keep a track of this and then go shopping on those days in the week. The shop will never tell you this and it is for you to find out.

  • The products on the outside of the shelf earn the shop a higher commission. Look to pick up products from within. The lesser known brands would be placed behind and this is because the shop does not earn a lot of commission on them.

  • Online shopping gives better deals for the same stuff that you buy in the local

  • Their are many spas and parlous that will give you the services for free. This is when they are training their new trainees.
  • The salesman pushes you products that offer them better commission and not what you may want to purchase.
  • The margin on the products is huge and thus you can bargain for a big amount.