Earlier days shopping online was considered ridiculous and also dangerous. People were scared to give out their credit card number online. Many people were reluctant to shop online as fraud and scams were paramount and mostly all the sites charged hidden fees. However, in today’s world mostly everyone shops online.  And there are people who get addicted to online shopping. Getting addicted to Amazon is a common phenomenon.  Listed below are few things an Amazon addict should know.

Find out about warehouse stock- Have you ever wondered what happens to the stock that gets returned? These items are no longer labeled as new and they could be found in sites of Amazon warehouse deals where you could find good discounts on products. All the products will be available here like even snorkeling gears.  You could check this Snorkeling set on Amazon wherein amazing deals are offered.

Gift a prime membership- Prime membership is a great gift for your beloved family member or friends. As you have experienced the features it offers, the person whom you will gift will surely appreciate the gesture.  The membership for prime for gifting too comes with all benefits like streaming music and video, two-day shipping, borrowing books, etc.

Check out the ‘today’s deals’ on the Amazon site- On the top of Amazon page, one can find in ‘today’s deals’ link wherein the best deals are offered for new products.  This section contains time-limited lightning offers and deals on a particular day.

Experience the same day delivery facility– Now in most of the cities, you could receive the items on the same day. If you order a product by noon, you will receive the product by end of the day.  You could check out if your city is offered that service by checking out on the Amazon website.